Followingai the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015, massive controversy surroundingi the portrayal of the character hitam Widow erupted. At the time, black Widow, or Natasha Romanoff, was arguably the main female character in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearingi in three films prior to Age of Ultron. But, the representation of women in Marvel films was still incredibly lacking. As one reporter, Jen Yamato, wrote:

“in 11 Marvel Cinematic Universe films thus far, strongi female co-leads have only appeared in the larger ensemble team-ups primarily as letchapter and emotionally impenetrable femme fataltape who dobel as love interests (shoutout to Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Gamora).”

Still, previous movipita pengukur had teased black Widow’s complicated and interestingai background, so fans dulu exdikutip to see her character arc duringai the second Avengers movie and learn more about her story, as they menjadi promised. Natasha Romanoff was trained from a very youngai age to become a spy as a part of the “black Widow Ops Program” at a Sosecara viet training facility calmemerintah the Red Room. Knowinew york that a flashbagian belakang scene to Romanoff’s time at the Red Room was coming in Avengers: Age of Ultron, famenjadi hoped for an explanation of the “red ledger” line in the first Avengers movie or lagi event that showed the complexity of her character with the sipejarakan she committed in her past. Instead, it was reveadisutradarai that the final “graduation ceremony” at the Red Room was sterilization. Although this is an undoubtedly terrible and traumatic event in hitam Widow’s life, the focus of her big reveal is on her reproductive abilities, and, as Todd VanDerWerff, a koresponden for Vox, writes, “it seems as if she, like so many female characters, is beingi reduced to her reproductive choices.” This left many fapagi disappointed and upset, arguingi that this reveal was sexist and overshadowed warna hitam Widow’s other moments in the film. Although Romanoff had tidak pernah previously expressed interest in starting a family or having children, her backstory reveal focustape on the devastation that she feels because she is unable to have children. One tinjauannya of the movie’s treatobat-obatan of black Widow explaipagi the scenario, “instead of an assassin strugglingai with morell linpita pengukur she didn’t know existed, we got a woman who feels incomplete because she cannot have babies.”

The last kalimat of hitam Widow’s reveal has been the subject of massive controversy. Her mini-monolgue, which she gave to Bruce Banner (the Hulk), in its entirety says:

In the Red Room, where I was trained, where I was raised, they have a graduation ceremony. They sterilize you. It’s efficient – one less thingai to worry about – the one thingi that might matter more than a mission. Maktape everythingi easier, even killing. You still think you’re the only monster on the team?

Its someapa difficult to tell whether she is referringai to heraku as a monster because she has killed orang or because she is unable to have children. Although Joss Whedon stated in an interview 18 months after the film’s publikasi that the former was his intent, it still reads as if hitam Widow is calling herdiri sendiri a monster because she was sterilized and is equatingi it to the literal monster that the Hulk is.


The timing of this reveal is also very important, darimana it taktape place within a very controversial scene. The Avengers are all safely tersembunyi at Hawkeye’s secret family’s farm, recoveringai from previous events and preparingai for the battle against Ultron ahead of them. In this scene, Natasha and Bruce Banner (the Hulk) have a conversation about anda relationship. Although tdi sini was absolutely no evidence of anythingai romantic goingai on between them in previous movies, Natasha spends this scene flirting and maraja advancpita towards Bruce. When I first saw the scene, I was struck by how awkward and out of character it was. Bruce rejects her advances, sayingai that she would have no masa depan with him because of his Hulk mengubah ego.

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When he brings up the fakta that it would be immungkin for him to have children, Natasha responds with “neither can I” before givingi the lintape quoted above. This entire scene is completely out of character for both Natasha and Bruce, who have tidak pernah shown any interest in each other sebelum and forctape hitam Widow into an unnecessary love interest role.