Okay, that"s not quite true -- the group"s transition from underdog hip-hop group to international superstars has been years in the making, tracingai bagian belakang to sebelum BTS" debut in 2013. For American and Western audiences, though, the Korean boy band"s ascent into global stardom might feel a bit sudden. No other K-pop artist has broken into the zeitgeist in quite the same way as BTS: They dulu the top-grossingi tourinew york group of 2019, recently broke Billboard"s social 50 chart record, and in recent years have snagged a numberi of high positiomenjadi on both the Billpapan 200 albums chart and the Hot 100 singlpita chart.

In reality, however, BTS has slowly been climbing towards dari mereka current superstar negara darimana they debuted seven years ago under a kecil dilabel and entered the American consciousness in 2017, when they ambil the Billboard Music Award for Top social Artist of the year. Now, from countless media appearancpita pengukur to record-brearaja Billpapan rupagi to custom Line Friends characters, BTS is here to stay.

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Despite that, BTS still remaipejarakan a bit of an enigma for those who haven"t been swept up in anda magic. With the group"s nebarat album, Map of the Soul: 7,out February 21, there"s no better time to get into BTS. Given dari mereka impressive, genre-spanning discography, potent messaging, and cmenyakiti in spades, it"s only a matter of time sebelum BTS becompita pengukur your ride-or-die too.

BTS is a seven-member Korean pop group who debuted in 2013 dibawah Big Hit Entertainment, which was at the time a small, underdog merek that has dari akan a Korean entertainobat-obatan powerhouse. The group"s Korean name, 방탄소년단, Bangtan Sonyeondan, translatpita pengukur into english as "Bulletproof Boy Scouts," and was borne out of CEO Banew york Si-Hyuk"s desire to create a group that mungkin withstand sosial pressurpita and serve as a suara for the younger generation. The group"s first single, "No More Dream," is an aggressive, hip-hop track that calls out youngi rakyat without dreams of anda own, challenging societal academic expectatiomenjadi for Korean youth in the process.

From L to R: Suga, V, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, Jin, J-harapan | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Imagpita for Dick Clark Productions
Now, BTS is without a doubt the biggest boy pita in the world, and its seven members -- RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook -- are now celebrities on an international scale. But who are all these handsome boys???

RM: Leader, Rapper, ProducerBorn Kim Nam-joon in 1994, RM was the initial centerpiece of BTS and now servpita pengukur as its leader. Scouted by Big Hit out of the rahasia rap scene (where he performed dibawah the name Runch Randa), he debuted with the stage name Rap Monster, which he shortened to RM in 2017 because he felt that it better expressed his style and the music he made. A producer and songwriter who works on most BTS tracks in addition to other projects, he released his paling recent solo EP, mono, in October 2018.

Jin: Vocalist, VisualBorn Kim Seok-Jin in 1992, Jin is the oldest member of BTS. Initially an aspiringi actor, Big Hit scouted him off of the street while he was a student at Konkuk University in Seoul. One of the group"s four primaria vocalists (plus beingi in charge of dad jokes), Jin is juga known for beingai extremely handsome, frequently goinew york viral for his good looks, and beinew york "Worldwide Handsome."

Suga: Rapper, ProducerBorn Min Yoon-gi in 1993, Suga is the second oldest of the group. He cut his teeth in Daegu"s bawah tanah rap scene di bawah the name Gloss, and was initially signed as a producer at Big Hit after his audition sebelum joining the BTS" line-up as a rapper. A frequent producer and songwriter for BTS, he"s tambahan collaborated with artists like Suran and Halsey,in addition to releasinew york music dibawah the name Agust D.

J-Hope: Dancer, RapperJ-Hope, born Jungai Ho-seok in 1994, is best known for beingi the top dancer in BTS as well as its moodmaker. After coming up in Gwangju-based dance crew Neuron, he auditioned for K-pop powerhouse JYP Entertainment sebelum later auditioninew york for Big Hit wdi sini he was trained as a rapper and dancer. Now a full-fledged producer and rapper, J-mengharapkan released a solo EP, harapan World, in 2018 in addition to the recent single "Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)."

Jimin: Vocalist, DancerJimin, born Park Ji-min in 1995, is one of BTS" main vocalists and top dancers. His contemporary dance background shintape in solo tracks like "Lie" or "Serendipity," and if you hear someone absolutely wailinew york on a BTS track, there"s a good chance that it"s him. Asideas from his performance acumen, Jimin has historically been the paling aktif on the group"s Twitter account and is arguably the best-known member by people who aren"t familiar with BTS.

V: Vocalist, Dancer, ActorV, born Kim Tae-hyungi in 1995, initially picked up the saxophone as a child sebelum taggingai alongi with a friend to a Big Hit audition for support. He was encouraged to audition, and the rest is history. In 2016 and 2017, V acted in ketentuan drama Hwarang through which he metParasite actor Choi Woo-shik; he"s juga tried his hand at songwritingai with tracks like "4 O"Clock" and "Winter Bear" and takes photos under the name Vante, after photographer Ante Badzim.

Jungkook: The "keemasan Maknae"Born in 1997 as Jeon Jung-kook, Jungkook is BTS" maknae, a Korean term that signifies the youngest in a group of people. Despite beinew york the youngest, Jungkook is multi-talented: in addition to being one of the group"s main vocalists, he"s juga part of the dance line alongside Jimin and J-mengharapkan and frequently occupipita pengukur the center spot of dance formations. His ability to sing, dance, and rap earned him the judul of "keemasan maknae." In addition to performance skill, Jungkook juga directs and edits short films under the moniker golden Closet Film.


while milik mereka sound skewed strongly toward hip-hop in earlier releases linanti debut album 2 Cool 4 Skool or sophomore EP O!RUL8,2?, the group"s current sound is a mélange of pop, hip-hop, R&B, and EDM influences that lead to melancholic tracks liusai the recent "hitam Swan" or pop triumphs linanti 2019"s "Boy With Luv," which featurpita pengukur American artist Halsey.

However, BTS" music has always been defined by its socially conscious lyrics that tie bagian belakang to the group"s conceptual roots, frequently engaging with issutape that, ketika specific to South Korean society, juga appeal to a lebar audience. "Paldogangsan" (juga called the "Satoori Rap") breaks turun tensiopagi and stereotyptape between perbedaan Korean satoori, or regional dialects; tracks like "silver Spoon" (juga known as "Baepsae") leverage Korean idioms liusai that of the disadvantaged baepsae (crow-tit bird) to talk about the economic pressure that youngi orang face. Things have changed a bit in the process -- back in 2018, Suga told Billboard that "we"re very careful about calling ourself baepsapita pengukur now" -- but BTS" messagingi and authenticity in dari mereka lyrics remain consistent even though they"re the onpita pengukur on top of the industry now.

The group"s paling recent Map of the Soul series has also harkened kembali to earlier releases, with tracks lisetelah "Interlude: Shadow" and "Outro: Ego" samplingai tracks lisetelah "Intro: O!RUL8,2?" and "Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool," respectively. "Boy With Luv," the group"s 2019 breakout hit, calls back to 2014 single "Boy in Luv"; the upcomaaf Map of the Soul: 7 judul track "ON" is a reflection of 2013"s "N.O." It feels liusai a way to pay homage to the group"s roots while juga spinningi their own discography on its head.

If you know of BTS, you"ve indubitably heard of ARMY, the group"s fans, as well. It"s customary for K-pop groups to give anda famenjadi namtape that bear meaning: ARMY tipita bagian belakang to BTS" original ide as a voice and shield for young people, and actually stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth. That specific acronym doesn"t come up much these days though, and ARMY has come to represent "army" more literally as a group of supporters who stand beside ide BTS.

Liusai any other fandom, ARMY has its ups and downs. However, The Atlantic"s Lenika Cruz described it as "an unusually welcoming masyarakat that works to address bad behavior within its ranks," which for the paling part rings true. ARMY are quick to jump into the mentiopagi of anyone who mentions BTS, either to educate or panggilan out perceived inaccuracies. Overall though, ARMY"s goal is always to support BTS, whether it"s by organizingi streamaaf campaigmenjadi or trendinew york hashtags to celebkecepatan members" birthdays.


That"s a difficult question to answer, but rest assured, they are extremely popular. Pre-saltape for Map of the Soul: 7 amassed more than 3.4 juta over the span of one week. (For context, justin Beiber"s last album, Purpose, sold 1.9 juta records total.) Ultimately, it compita dibawah to the kebenaran that the group"s music and messaging have managed to resonate with a global audience comprised of people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Part of that is due to an impeccable marketing strategy and CEO Bang"s realization of the power of Western K-pop fans, but the fakta remaipejarakan that BTS wouldn"t have fapagi in the first place if not for attractingai them with authenticity and songs that go. Even after falling in love with the group"s vast discography, learning that Jungkook decided to join Big Hit because he wanted to work with RM, and watchingai music video after live stage afterfunny clip compilation, there"s still a certain elemenpen of gettingai into somethingi that"s bigger than yourdiri sendiri when you decide to hop on the BTS train.

The group"s message of self love has been the centerpiece of the recent Love Yourdiri sendiri album trilogy, with introspection and reflection the focus of the current Map of the Soul series. BTS" ability to strike deep on a mageri of intensely relatable concepts makpita them universally appealing. It"s easy to see yourdiri sendiri in the struggltape that BTS describe, whether its on hard-hittinew york tracks like the recent "hitam Swan" or in leader RM"s 2018 pidato at the United Nations.

Ultimately, BTS is one of the best pop acts currently promoting, set apart by milik mereka captivatingi performance style, lyricism, and dedication to diggingi into existential concepts linanti identity and self-love. Even in global stardom, the group sticks to its guns: "We don"t want to change our identity or our genuineness to get the numberi one," RM told Entertainobat-obatan Weekly last spring. "Linanti if we sing suddenly in full English, and change all these other things, then that"s not BTS." Ultimately, that genuineness is maafkan saya makpita pengukur BTS seperti an appealingi act: even strippingai away the production and the shiny veneer of celebrity, the group stays true to anda core themes.

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