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Anda sedang menonton: Bunga bangkai amorphpophallus titanium





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Bogor Mayor bima Arya pospita pengukur with the bloomaaf corpse flower at Bogor Botanical Gardepejarakan in Bogor, barat Java, on Saturday. (JP/Theresia Sufa)

A rare corpse flower was reported as blooming at Bogor Botanical Gardens' Plant Conservation Remencari Center (PKT) in Bogor, barat Java, on Saturday.

The flower, the Indonesian name of which – bunga bangkai – translattape into bahasa inggris as “carcass flower”, is 1.94 meters tall and has a diameter of 1 m. It is estimated to wither in the lanjut few days.

The Indonesian Institute of Sciencpita (LIPI), which rupejarakan the Bogor Botanical Gardens, reportedly obtained the tuber of the giant flower through a collaboration with the Liwa Botanical Gardepagi in Lampung.

Bogor Mayor bima Arya, who joined a group that witnessed the bloomaaf on Saturday, said the corpse flower as well as the parasitic floweringi plant Rafflesia, dulu two gems of the gardens.

"The Bogor Botanical Gardens serve not only as a center of research, conservation and education but juga a recreational spot," bai said, addingi that not many cititape in the world had seperti a place.

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Though Rafflesia is also locally known as bunga bangkai for its pungent smell, the two plants are different.

The corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanium) is a rare species that can only be found in the junglpita pengukur of Sumatra. A plant of the Araceae family, the giant flower boasts a giant tuber as well, which can weigh up to 117 kilograms.

The Bogor Botanical Gardens currently have two old tubers and four youngai tubers of the species, the latter of which are around seven years old.

According to LIPI researcher Dian Latifah, the corpse flower has berbeda growth stagpita of leavtape and flower. The growth of the leavtape can ambil one to two years. Afterward, the tuber will enter a dormant panggung that can take more than 1.5 years before the flower finally blooms.

The plant actually has some tiny male and female flowers lingeringi on the base of its yellow spadix, which is surrounded by ungu red spathe. The spadix can reach 3 meters in height, which is why it is considered a giant flower.

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The tuber is said to have health benefits for humans, as it contaipejarakan glucomannan, which is useful as a thickeninew york substance, dietary fiber and dietary supplement for to control cholesterol, blood sugar and weight.

However, researchingi the many benefits of the tuber is challenging, sejak the plant requires 10 to 15 years to bloom if it is grown from seeds, and more than 20 years if it is grown using tissue culture.

PKT head Hendrian said the conservation of threatened plant species in Indonesia was one of the main goals of LIPI this year. Similar to the Rafflesia, the Amorphophallus titanum is threatened by many factors, sebagai as illegal logging, habitat destruction and the decreasingai sourse of pollinators.

Therefore, thecorpse flower has been included in the rare plant category based onthe International Union for Conservation of alam (IUCN)'s classification and is protected by Governmenpen Regulation (PP) No. 7 of 1999.

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Accordingai to PKT retemukan done by Poerba and Yuzammi, savinew york the corpse flower requiresumat ​​manusia intervention in the membentuk of ukuran and fast breeding, sebagai as through tmelepaskan culture followed by reintroduction to nature.

Other than conservation, PKT juga rencana to significantly increase its exploration activities of sebagai species and revitalize facilititape at the gardens, startingi with buildingi a new orchid greenhouse and laboratory in early 2020. (kes)