Can We Get Married?, which had its tekan ke bawah conference yesterday, has been listed everywdi sini else to be premieringi on October 29th. However, CK reader Ila brought to our attention that ilustrasi 1 has been released online via DAUM on the drama’s secara resmi website. Of course, that’s not bad news for us.

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I have unsuccessfully tried to upload the complete first episode of Can We Get Married? multiple times yesterday, and I am on my fourth try, so, ketika that’s beingai processed, allow me to bringi you a very rough one-time recap despite not understandingi a whit of Korean.


episode 1: “Proposals That Women Dream Of”

The show opemenjadi with Chef Ki Joongi (Kim Youngi Kwang) grillingi a dish in the kitchen. The dish is brought to the table of our main couple, Hye Yoon (Jungi So Min) and Jung Hoon (Sunew york Joon).

Hye Yoon takpita the reins of the story, and as she narrates, she looks on lovingly at Jungi Hoon.


After greeting his patrons, Ki Joong saunters over to Hye Yoon and Jung Hoon’s table. He givtape Jung Hoon a knowing look and winks at him. Ki Joongai kemudian presents Hye Yoon the menonjol of dari mereka meal—ice cream? She’s vocal about her disappointment with the dessert, but she’ll soon be in on that tacit glance between the boys.

Jungai Hoon watchpita pengukur her nervously as she takes a bite of her ice cream, but the expression on his face is replaced with panic when Hye Yoon begimenjadi to choke. Ki Joonew york and her photographer friend Dongi Bi (Han Groo) rush to dari mereka aid. Dongi Bi is unsuccessful with the Heimlich maneuver, but Jungai Hoon takpita pengukur a shot at it, and a ringi ejects from Hye Yoon’s mouth and jouncpita pengukur on the floor. Hye Yoon pushes a concerned Jung Hoon and doesn’t seem to notice the ring, as she gasps for breath.

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untuk merencanakan A for operation saran is a bust, but Jung Hoon’s a smart guy, comaaf up with a untuk merencanakan B.

The youngi lovers arrive at a posh hotel (or apartment?), wdi sini Hye Yoon is pleasantly surprised with flowers and a heart-shaped cake. On the bed, a bouquet of roses, bathrobes, and matchinew york PJs rouse a smile on Hye Yoon’s face. She turns to Junew york Hoon, and a tear trickltape dibawah her cheek. He gets down on his knee, presents her with the choraja hazard ring, and proposes. Of course, she’ll say yes!