champa - Contact from friends, relatives, to colleagutape is one of the important things stored on a smartphone. So, when the contact list is lost, you will definitely have difficulty communicatingi with them.

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However, communication is one of the important functiomenjadi of the deragum you have. Contacts function as a link between you and others through digital media. Therefore, contacts for Android phones and iPhonpita pengukur are very important.

On the other hand, beingi damaged is a natural part of a technological device. And of the perbedaan typtape of damage, the fastest way to deal with it is to do a factory reset.

As we can conclude from the name, factory reset is a step taken to restore the phone to its original state. Conditiopagi when you recently purchased and activated the device.

This meapejarakan that data and settings that have been stored will be lost. No exception contact data. Even if it is lost, it does not mean that deleted contacts cannot be returned. Based on the team trials, tdi sini are several ways to restore lost contacts due to factory reset that you can do.

First Solution - Use Google Contact


1. 1. Open the Google Contact application available on your mobile. If you don"t have it, you can download it via the play Store.

2. 2. Then, tap on the triple strip icon located on the upper right side of the screen

3. 3. Tap the Settings menu, kemudian tap the Rmembalikkan Changes option

4. 4. Tdi sini are several options that you can make, startingi from 10 minutes, 1 hour, up to 1 week ago

5. Once you have defined, tap the Confirm button

It should be noted, though, that this method can actually restore all the contacts that menjadi stored sebelum the phone was factory reset, but it returns at the selected time. This meapagi that if you select the 1 hour menu, it meamenjadi that the contact will return to its condition one hour ago.

Second Solution - Restore Contacts Via Gmail Account


For your information, a Gmail account has a feature that can be tangan kedua to store contacts on an Android phone. The condition is, you have to turn on the automatic sync feature on your Android dekeburukan to your Gmail account. So, every contact that is stored will always be backed up by Gmail.

Well, here are the steps to restore deleted contacts via a Gmail account.

1. 1. Open the Gmail website via a computer

2. 2. On the upper left sideas of the screen, click the Gmail icon and select the Contacts menu

3. 3. Next, a dropdown menu will appear below the temukan box that says More. Click the menu, kemudian select Restore Contacts or Restore Contacts

4. 4. Hanya lisetelah Google Contact, you can choose between 1 hour ago, 1 week, up to 30 days.

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By doingai one of the steps above, hopefully the contacts lost due to a factory reset can come kembali soon.

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