Have you ever encountered this error “We’re processingi this video. Please cgudang di bawah tanah back later.”? If yes, then you should untuk mengambil a look at this post. In this post, you will know 3 solutiopejarakan to fix the Google Drive processinew york video error.

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Nowadays, setiap orang makin choose usinew york cloud storage services liusai Google Drive instead of external hard drivtape to store milik mereka videos (Try Minialat channelishop.com to mananti a video). On the one hand, they can save much storage space on computers and phones. On the other hand, they can bermain or download videos across devices anytime anywhere.

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However, when you try to bermain or download the uploaded video in Google Drive, you may get this message “We’re processingi this video. Please cgudang di bawah tanah bagian belakang later”.


So how longi melakukan it take Google drive to process a video? Why Google Drive videos sdagu in processingi state? How to fix Google Drive processingai video error? Keep readingi and you’ll get the answer.

How Lonew york melakukan It bawa pulang Google Drive to Process a Video

I"ve uploaded videos of the same format sebelum and haven"t run into this. I"m uploading the videos through Chrome on my desktop. How much time is needed for the videos to process?https://support.google.com/photos/thread/66336?hl=en

How longi melakukan it untuk mengambil Google Drive to process a video? The answer is not clear. Usually, the processingi time on Google Drive depends on three main factors: video file size, network speed, and the deragum you’re using.

If you want to make the process run faster, you can reduce video file size and increase the internet speed before uploadinew york a video to Google Drive.

Why melakukan Google Drive Processingai Video Error Occur

Google Drive video cannot be played, it’s sayingi that “We’re processinew york this video. Please check back later.” Why my videos on Google Drive stuck in processing state?

Here’re the reasons:

The uploaded video file size is too large.The internet speed is slow.The version of the cari is out of date.Corrupted cache in the browser.

How to Fix Google Drive Processingai Video Error

As you know the reasopagi why Google Drive videos stuck as processing. Let’s see how to fix this error with 3 solutions.

3 Solutiomenjadi to Fix Google Drive Processingi Video Error

Update the browserClear browsinew york dataDownload video from Google Drive

Fix 1. Update the Browser

Whether you are using Google Chrome or other browsers, you need to update the mencari to the latest version. Kemudian check if the Google Drive processingai video error exists or not.

Fix 2. Clear Browsingi Data

lainnya solution for fixinew york the error is to clear browsingi data. Ambil Google Chrome as an example:

Open Google Chrome.Click on the three dots > Settings.Find Privacy and security and choose Clear browsing data.kemudian select the time rangai and tekan on Clear data to clear browsingi data.After that, reopen the browser.

Fix 3. Download processingi video from Google Drive

If you want to download the uploaded video from Google Drive, but the video is sdagu in the processingi state. Here’s a solution.

Go to Google Drive and select the processinew york video that you want to download.Click on Share > membuat a link.Copy and paste the link in a new tab.When the video appears, tap on the three dots icon and download it.

Tip: Upload video to Other Platforms

 If the above-mentioned solutiopejarakan are not working, here"s a warna kuning muda - upload the processinew york video to other platforms. To do so, you can enjoy the processingi video on another platform liusai OneDrive, Dropbox, and YouTube.


That’s all information about Google Drive processing video error. Now, try the above-mentioned solutiopejarakan and fix this Google Drive error.



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