To membantu prevent software piracy, Microsoft requires Windows 7 activation sebelum the jenuh version of the software can be used. Use the steps in this document to learn about Windows 7 product activation
Windows Product Activation (WPA) sends an installation ID numberi to Microsoft sebelum Windows is verified and then activated. WPA involvtape two numbers. One is an Installation ID (generated by enteringi a Windows 7 product key) that the notebook owner submits to Microsoft, either over the Internet or by phone. The second is a Confirmation ID, assigned by Microsoft, which is digunakan to activate the operatingi system’s software. This method is tangan kedua when upgrading or installing Windows 7 from disc (not System Recovery).

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System Locked Pre-Installation (SLP) takes place at the factory. No intervention is required to activate the operatingi system software sebelum initial use. With SLP-activated systems, paling of the computer"s hardware can be replaced without needinew york to re-activate the software through Microsoft.
Windows Product Activation (WPA) - Requires a orang to unlock the computer sebelum Windows can be used.
System Locked Pre-installation (SLP) - No personal intervention is normally required to activate Windows.
End-User License Agreemenpen (EULA) - The agreemenpen that consumers of Windows must accept in order to use the Windows product.
Certificate of Authenticity (COA) - A proof of ownership identification method to membantu prove that a product is not counterfeit or copied. It could be in the membentuk of a label that contaipejarakan a bar code and product identification number.
Installation Identification mageri - Generated based on the Certificate of Authenticity key entered durinew york Windows setup.
The Windows 7 anti-piracy warningi appears periodically if your copy of Windows has not been activated. If you activate Windows7, the reminder stops displaying.

If you have upgraded your computer to Windows7 from an earlier version of Windows, or you have instaldisutradarai a new copy of Windows 7 on your notebook, this message is kesatuan until you activate the product.
If you are gettinew york the anti-piracy message and your notebook came with Windows7 pre-installed, kemudian Windows7 may need to be activated again, or the system needs to be recovered using System Recovery, which restorpita the operatingi system to its original factory condition.
If your notebook came with Windows 7 pre-installed, the followingi conditiopagi might cause Windows to require activation through Microsoft:
Replacing the motherpapan with one that melakukan not contain the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of the BIOS.
Windows 7 displays an Activation window and the computer desktop background might be warna hitam with one of the followingai error messages:

If your copy of Windows 7 is genuine, there might be a lack of permissions in the registry key or missingi registry keys. See Windows 7 displays "Windows is not Genuine" with an error code of 0x80070005 (in English) for troubleshootinew york information on the Microsoft website.
The quickest, and easiest, way to activate your copy of Windows 7 is to do it over the Internet. If you do not have an Internet connection, or if it is inconvenient to masetelah a network connection, see Other ways to activate Windows 7.
Click mulai
, type system into the mencari field, and kemudian select the System Control dasbor application from the mencari results list.



If product activation was successful, a kesuksesan screen is shown and Windows7 setup continues. You are done.
Once you have successfully activated Windows 7, the System application in the Control dasbor indicatpita pengukur Windows is activated.

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For more detaipengarahan information about Windows 7 activation, refer to the Microsoft TechNet article Windows Activation Technologipita pengukur in Windows 7 (in English).