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Your webcam is an important peripheral, especially if you mananti video calls frequently.Unfortunately, some users have reported a Somethingi went wronew york camera error.

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3. Change privacy optiomenjadi for camera

Click on Privacy.Scroll down and click on Camera.If the option is greyed out, click on the Change button and Turn On.Open Camera app and cgudang di bawah tanah if the error is resolved.

If you’re gettingai Somethinew york went wrong camera error, perhaps the issue is related to your privacy options.

4. Run Windows Store Apps troubleshooter

Windows Store apps have dari mereka own troubleshooter that might tolong you fix the Somethinew york went wrong camera error.

Click on Run the troubleshooter.The Troubleshooter will scan the system and look for any problems.If it suggests you to Reset an App to fix the problem, click on Open Apps and features.under the Camera app section, scroll dibawah and click on the Reset button.

After the reset is complete, launch the Camera app and cgudang di bawah tanah if the error is resolved.

5. Cgudang di bawah tanah Permissiopagi for the Picturtape Folder

Right-click on Picturtape folder and select Properties.Click on mengedit button.If it does, dibawah Permission for Username, check if penuh control option is checked dibawah Allow.Also, cgudang di bawah tanah the Deny column to see if read or write permission is denied for the user.Click Apply and OK to save the change.Type your user name and click on Ciblis names.Click OK to add the user.Click on newly added username and di bawah Permissiopagi for username, check if sepenuhnya Control is enabled.Click Apply and OK to save the changes.Close the Properties window and open Camera App.

6. Update Camera App

Type Camera in the temukan and hit Enter.You should see an Update butnada if the new version of the Camera app is available.Download and install the app.

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Something went wrong camera error can be problematic, but we harapan that you managed to fix it usingai one of our solutions.