Chuim Anh là phương châm của nhiều chúng ta học viên lớp 9. Dưới đây là đề thi chuyên anh lớp 10 của ngôi trường siêng nổi tiếng TP. hà Nội – Amsterdam. Đề thigòm bao gồm 4 phần, từng phần lại có từ 2 đến 3 phần. Đề thi có cả tự luận với trắc nghiệm một cách khách quan. Đề thi chuyên anh lớp 10 HN – Ams được đánh giá là dài cùng kha khá tinh vi, mang đúng đặc thù của một bài xích thi vào lớp Chuim Anh vốn tất cả tỉ lệ tuyên chiến đối đầu và cạnh tranh rất là khốc liệt

Gợi ý tư liệu ôn thi tuyển sinc vào lớp 10

Bộ sách ôn thi vào 10 cấp cho tốc: Đột phá 9+

Đồng giá 90k/ cuốn: Bí quyết chinh phục điểm trên cao lớp 9: Tổng ôn cục bộ kỹ năng lớp 9 Cấp Tốc, cầm chắc 9 điểm/ môn thi vào 10

Bộ sách ôn thi vào trường CHUYÊN đỉnh nhất


1 Đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 Hà Nội Amsterdam – PART A: PHONETICS2 Đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 Hà Thành Amsterdam – PART B: LEXICO AND GRAMMAR3 Đề thi chăm anh lớp 10 TP Hà Nội Amsterdam – PART C: READING 4 Đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 Hà Nội Amsterdam – PART D: WRITING

Đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 TP. hà Nội Amsterdam – PART A: PHONETICS

Đề thi chuyên Anh của THPT Chuyên ổn Hà Nội – Ams hay được Reviews là kha khá cực nhọc cũng giống như có tính phân hóa vô cùng mạnh

Phát âm (Pronunciation)

I/ Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in each group. (5 pts.)

1, A, Cave B, Have sầu C, Behave D, Pave

2, A, Receipt B, ReHotline C, Recollect D, Recover

3, A, Card B, Heard C, Hearth D, Heart

4, A, Abuse B, Refuse C, Fuss D, Future

5, A, Adventure B, Future C, Mature D, Figure

Đáp án Phát âm

B – A – B – C – C

Trọng âm (Stress) trong đề thi chuyên anh lớp 10 Thành Phố Hà Nội – Ams

II/ Choose the word whose main stressed syllable is placed differently from that of the others in the menu. (5 pts.)

1, A, Admirable B, Accessible C, Compatible D, respiratory

2, A, Humane B, Unite C, Colleague D, canteen

3, A, Descent B, Dissent C, Disnội dung D, content

4, A, Eradicate B, Kilometer C, Characterize D, communism

5, A, Technical B, Origin C, Agriculture D, cathedral

Đáp án: A – C – C – A – D

Đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 TP Hà Nội Amsterdam – PART B: LEXICO AND GRAMMAR

Chọn đáp án chủ yếu xác

I/ Choose the best answer khổng lồ complete each of the following sentences. Write your answer (A, B, C or D) in the box provideD, (15 pts.)

1, A number of oil tankers have sầu been laid ……………. recently.

Bạn đang xem: Đề thi chuyên anh vào lớp 10 lê hồng phong (nam định) 2021

A, on B, down C, up D, in

Đáp án: C

2, The inscription on the tombstone had been worn ………by the weather & could scarcely be reaD,

A, away B, off C, out D, on

Đáp án: C

Câu 3 đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 Hà Nội – Ams,…………….. second thoughts, I’d rather not go out tonight.

A, With B, In C, On D, Under

Đáp án: C

4, The new hairdryer does not comply ……………… British safety standarD,

A, khổng lồ B, with C, against D, on

Đáp án: B

5, Many books were not available to lớn the public because of government …

A, omission B, inhibition C, compensation D, censorship

Đáp án: D

6, The woman accused of shoplifting was found not guilty và was ………

A, excused B, liberated C, acquitted D, interned

Đáp án: C

7, He is an ……………authority on the subject.

A, prominent B, expert C, eminent D, quality

Đáp án: C

Câu 8 đề thi chuyên anh lớp 10 Hà Nội – Ams, My oto was so old that I could only sell it for ……….

A, rubbish B, scrap C, debris D, waste

Đáp án: B

9, Not only ……………… in the project, but he also wanted lớn become the leader.

A, did Jaông chồng involve

B, had Jaông chồng been involved

C, was Jaông xã involved

D, Jachồng was involved

Đáp án: C

10, I felt a bit ……………..and seemed khổng lồ have sầu more aches và pains than usual.

A, out of sorts B, on the mend

C, over the worst D, under the fevers

Đáp án: A

11, The school was closed for a month because of a serious ……………of fever.

A, outcome B, outburst C, outphối D, outbreak

Đáp án: D

12, I don’t think he’s ever been there, ………………?

A, bởi I B, has he C, have I D, hasn’t he

Đáp án: B

Câu 13 đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 TP Hà Nội – Ams, They had a four-day holiday, then began work..

A, on end B, out of bounds C, in proportions D, in carnest

Đáp án: D

14, He is a tough politician – he knows how to ……………..the storm.

A, run down B, keep up

C, ride out D, push back

Đáp án: C

15, On entering the nursery I stumbled on the wooden blocks ………………..all over the carpet.

A, plunged B, scattered C, settled D, tossed

Đáp án: B

Điền từ bỏ vào chỗ trống

II/ Fill in the blank with a suitable noun to form the idiomatic expression. Write your answer in the box provided (5 pts.)

1, I’d like khổng lồ take __________ of this opportunity lớn explain the difficulty I’ve sầu met.

2, She decided to lớn phối _______ lớn these letters because they weren’t necessary.

3, Don’t have ____________ in what he says. He is a liar.

4, For generations our people got _________ over many enemies và drove them away.

5, He left home page without taking ________ of anybody toàn thân.

Đáp án bài xích điền tự đề thi chăm anh lớp 10 Hà Nội – Ams

1, advantage

2, fire

3, faith

4, victory

5, leave

Chọn dạng đúng của từ bỏ

III/ Give the correct form of the word given in parentheses. Write your answer in the box provided (10 pts.)

1, The attack in the city center last night (example) the kind of behavior amongst young people that many object khổng lồ.

2, This matter is very (confidence). Don’t discuss it outside the office.

3, You shouldn’t interrupt someone in (sentence).

4, I want lớn make sure all my (depend) will be financially secure if I’m incapacitated in any way.

5, There was a heavy (pour) yesterday afternoon which completely ruined the church Garden Party,

6, There is a risk factor with all medication, but honestly the risk with this particular drug is (neglect).

7, A (dominate) friend is one who likes power.

8, Suddenly without (provoke), the dog sank its teeth into lớn my leg.

9, Street-fights are an everyday (occur) in this area of the city

10, I really believe that it would be a major mistake khổng lồ crime) any drugs that are currently illegal.

Đáp án bài xích lựa chọn dạng đúng của tự đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 Hà Nội – Ams

1, exemplified/ exemplifies

2, confidential

3, mid-sentence

4, dependants

5, down-pour

6, neglible

7, domineering

8, provocation

9, occurrence

10, decriminalize

Nối phrasal verbs cùng điền vào địa điểm trống

IV/ Match the verb in box A with the word(s) in box B lớn khung a phrasal verb, and then fill it in each blank to lớn complete the sentence. Be sure khổng lồ use the correct verb tense và size. Write your answer in the box provideD, (5 pts.)

Box A: put, apprise, go, crease, stem, fall, pull, center, brood, carry

Box B: from, over, away, off, on, of, up, baông chồng on, through, in for

1, The problem _____ the government’s laông chồng of action.

2, The argument is ____ whether or not khổng lồ lower the age limit.

Xem thêm:

3, Don’t waste time _______ your past failures.

4, I’m afraid there is no milk left; we have to ________ dried milk for our teA,

5, Tom got _____ by the music & wouldn’t stop singing.

6, I’m going to stay at university và try lớn ________ getting a job for a few years.

7, Her husb& has been ___________ the good news about their son.

8, She swims so well that she really should _____ the competition

9, I almost _________ when I heard Tim was going to lớn be playing Romeo in the school play.

10, He is in a critical condition in hospital, so we’re all praying he’ll_______

Đáp án điền phrasal verb đề thi chăm anh lớp 10 Thành Phố Hà Nội – Ams

1, stems/ stemmed from

2, centered on

3, brooding over

4, fall baông chồng on

5, carried away

6, put off

7, apprising/ apprised of

8, go in for

9, creased up

10, pull through

phrasal verb là dạng bài bác cực kỳ hya gặp mặt trong những phần nhỏng điền tự, trị lỗi không nên.

Chữa lỗi không nên của câu

V/ Underline ten mistakes in the following sentences và correct them. Write the correction in the box provided (5 pts.)

1, Neither of the scout leaders know how to lớn trap wild animals or how to prepare them for mounting.

2, At the start of the seminar, they gave us a number of handouts & a little nice folder lớn keep them all in.

3, Stephen Crane’s story is a clinical portrayal of a man as an animal trapped by the fear và hunger.

4, Time is precious. Let us do the most of it lớn enrich our knowledge.

5, Nora hardly never misses an opportunity lớn play in the tennis tournaments.

6, Because of the snow storm và the road blocks, the air force dropped food cthảm bại the đô thị.

7, They asked me what did happen last night, but I was unable khổng lồ tell them.

8, Our new neighbors had been living in Arizomãng cầu for ten years before moved to their present house.

9, Air pollution, together with littering, are causing many problems in our large, industrial cities today.

10, When I entered the room, I found my younger brother stand on the kitchen table.

Đáp án chữa lỗi sai của câu – đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 HN – Ams

1, know -> knows

2, little nice -> nice little

3, the fear -> fear

4, vì chưng -> make

5, never -> ever

6, cthua -> cchiến bại to

7, what did happen -> what happened

8, moved -> they moved/ moving

9, are/ is

10, stand -> standing

Đề thi chuyên anh lớp 10 thủ đô Amsterdam – PART C: READING

Bài phát âm số 1

I/ Read the following passage and circle the best answer for each blank. Write your answer (A, B, C or D) in the box provided (14 pts)

What is the world largest desert? I’m sure the first that …1,.. khổng lồ mind is the legendary Sahara – but that’s 3rd It’s actually the desert on the Antarctic …2,.., measuring just under 14,000,000kms2, closely followed by the Arctic desert. Most people living away from deserts associate this kind of …3,.. with sand, but only 10% of deserts are actually made up of svà …4,…

The term desert’ in fact describes a …5,.. which receives almost no …6,.., meaning rainfall, snow, ice or hail. The term can also apply khổng lồ regions where there is greater evaporation of …7,.. than rainfall. In other words, more water is absorbed back inlớn the …8,.. than stays on or within the grounD, So, in …9,.. deserts, you’re mainly talking about ice sheets and a little roông chồng, not svà, of course. The surface of many other deserts is comprised of loose rochồng where the finer particles of dust & s& have sầu been …10,..Away.

It may surprise you lớn know that deserts exist all over the …11,.., from the Kalahari in Africa to lớn the Great Victoria in Australia & so on, and that they …12,.. just over a fifth of the earth’s lvà areA, The world’s largest hot desert, the Sahara, actually …13,.. temperatures of 122 Fahrenheit degrees. Other arid deserts may not be so hot but in common with the Sahara, they … 14,.. considerably at night.

An issue that is worrying geologists, governments và the people that live sầu on the edges of deserts is the way they are spreading. You might think that the reason for this is drought – but laông chồng of rain is not the cause.

Điền tự vào chỗ trống

1, A, jumps B, leaps C, rises D, springs

2, A, country B, continent C, territory D, pole

3, A, terrain B, plain C, horizon D, nature

4, A, hills B, dunes C, piles D, slopes

5, A, base B, landscape C, ground D, soil

6, A, wildlife B, agriculture C, precipitation D, alteration

7, A, moisture B, drops C, dampness D, drizzle

8, A, setting B, atmosphere C, environment D, surroundings

9, A, extreme B, Mediterranean C, typical D, polar

10, A, left B, disappeared C, blown D, removed

11, A, globe B, sphere C,atlas D, orb

12, A, contain B, expand C, cover D, cross

13, A, obtains B, reaches C, stretches D, raises

14, A, cool B, fall C, freeze D, decrease

Đáp án: D – B – A – B – B – C – A – B – D – C – A – C – B – A

Bài đọc số 2 đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 Thành Phố Hà Nội – Ams

II/ The passage has eight phrases left out. Decide which phrase (A-L) from the các mục should go in each gap. Write the letter in the space provideD, There are more phrases than gaps. Write your answer in the box provideD, (8 pts.)


One of the most difficult wastes to recycle is mixed plastics, (1)

Plastic manufacturers turn their own offcuts into lớn granules that are melted down for reuse. They can also reuse any single, pure thermoplastic materials, (2)

The British firm Meyer-Newman of Gwent recycles complete telephones inlớn new ones. But mixed plastics have unpredictable properties & low structural st

So it is difficult to make a material with good và predictable properties from mixed plastic wastes. One answer is compatibiliser. This is an octopus-like molecule in which each arm represents a section of different polymer, that in turn (4)

Stirred into a mixture of molten plastic, cach arm of the octopus grabs and reacts chemically with a molecule of the one polymer in the mixture. The result is an alloy rather than a mixture. It is svào because of intra-molecular bonding and has highly predictable properties, so it is potentially reusable. During the past two or three years, many plastic manufacturers have sầu (5)_

But perhaps the most advanced, ‘Bennet’, was produced independently two years ago, after 15 years of retìm kiếm, by the Dutch engineer Der Groep. His invention is already being used widely, largely in secret (6) Bennet is made up of short sections of several polymers representing the arms of octopus, each is able to lớn links the molecules of a different polymer in the mixture. The reliable strength of the plastic alloys’ made with Bennet suggests that (7) The vehicle recycling industry is keen to recycle more plastics. Despite the environmental benefits, they fear that the steady increase in the use of reclaimable plastics will make it uneconomic to lớn recover vehicles from the metals they contain. Some car manufacturers, such as BMW & Mercedes, are now designing products and requesting components that are easier to lớn recycle: (8)

A, is characteristic of a different plastic

B, developed their own compatibilisers

C, which has never been achieved despite substantail government investment in research

D, often used in wrappers and containers

E, they could be used in high-grade, high-cost applications such as car bumpers

F, it does not have sầu sufficient rigidity

G, for example, oto bumpers made from one material instead of up khổng lồ seven

H, always been sceptical about recycling plastics

I, as manufacturers do not want khổng lồ be seen lớn be using recycled plastics in their unique products

K, for example, steel suspension systems & car bodies

L, such as polythene that are not chemically cross-linked

M, the different plastics in the mixture are not bonded at a molecular level

Đáp án bài xích hiểu gọi số 2 đề thi siêng anh lớp 10 TP Hà Nội – Ams

1 – D

2 – K

3 – L

4 – A

5 – B

6 – I

7 – E

8 – G

Đề thi chuyên anh lớp 10 thủ đô hà nội Amsterdam – PART D: WRITING

Viết lại câu mà nghĩa ko thế đổi

I/ Rewrite each of the following sentences using the word(s) given so that its meaning stays the same.

(8 pts.) 1, I don’t understvà one word of this document (head)

I can’t

2, Erika didn’t mention her illness at all. (reference)

Erika made

3, Did anything about his behavior seem unusual to lớn you? (strike)

Did anything about his behavior

4, He was arrested when they caught hlặng driving a stolen oto. (act)


5, She was just as good as they had thought. (up)

She definitely 6, Tony didn’t feel like khiêu vũ that night. (mood)


7, You’re going to lớn enjoy tonight! (treat)


8, Why vì you think you are allowed khổng lồ criticize me lượt thích that? (gives)

What do you think

Viết lại câu theo trường đoản cú mang lại trước – dạng bài xích “”ghê điển” chắc chắn gồm vào đề thi chuyên anh lớp 10

Đáp án Viết lại câu đề thi chăm anh lớp 10 HN – Ams

1, I can’t make head or tail of this document.

2, Erika made no reference to lớn her illness.

3, Did anything about his behavior strike you as (being) unusual?

4, Being caught in the act of driving a stolen oto, he was arrested

5, She definitely came up to lớn their expectations.

6, Tony wasn’t in the mood/ was in no mood to lớn dance/ for khiêu vũ that night.

7, You’re in for a treat tonight!

8, What bởi vì you think gives you the right to lớn criticize me like that?

Viết đoạn văn uống 200 chữ

II/ Write about the following topic: Violence is increasing at an alarming rate in many schools. In what ways can this problem be overcome? You should write at least 200 words. (20 pts.)